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Rule Change Proposal - Please read
5/20/2010 4
Bicester and District Table Tennis Club are proposing a change to the rules for next season regarding the use of substitutes.

Currently substitutes can be used freely across teams in the same division regardless of the strength of those teams. So a player from a strong team can play as substitute for a weaker team in the same division. This is an advantage to the larger clubs. Smaller clubs invariably have to go to lower divisions for substitutes.

If the change is made players will be restricted to only playing as substitutes in teams that are in a higher division. This restriction will not apply to the lowest division.

See here for the exact wording of the proposed amendment.

We see the current rule as representing an unfair advantage to the larger clubs who often have more than one team in a division.
The main opposition seems to be the claim that changing the rules will lead to a greater number of postponements. Given that the teams affected would belong to the larger clubs it is easier for them to find substitutes than it is for the smaller clubs.

Note that next season it is quite possible that Bicester may have two teams in the same division and that therefore this change may limit Bicester's use of substitutes. We still believe this is a fairer way to control substitutions.

This proposal will be discussed and voted on at the Oxford and District Table Tennis Association AGM which is being held on Wednesday June 9th at the Cowley Conservative Club.

If you agree that this change will make the competition fairer, please attend the ODTTA AGM and cast your vote.