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More on ETTA registration
8/2/2010 3:
More information on personal ETTA registration which is necessary for the coming season. This is just copied and pasted from the ODTTA website.

You will no doubt be pleased to know that Mike managed to pay online very late in the evening of Saturday, July 31st. "All pretty straightforward!" he quipped.

To get yourself signed up:

1. Go to the etta home page (see yellow "etta" link in black area on left of this page) ETTA

2. On the etta home page, look for: "Become a member ETTA Connect" writ large near the top. Clicking that takes you to the membership page: ( )

3. On the membership page, on about the 7th line down, you should find: "CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT to play in the local league"
Click on CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT and you get to the Create a New Account page

4. The Create a New Account page is filled with vital explanatory stuff, then gives you a choice at the bottom. Pick the option that suits, but if you only want to play in one or more local leagues, you are a league player and you should be paying £5.64, or half that if you are a junior. Clicking on the option appropriate to you takes you to the page. You can use this page any time in the future to check or update your details, and see how much you have paid so far to etta, but because this is your first time, you have to click on the "Signup now" button to go to a slightly different screen that also asks for your email address. The email address you supply here is remembered, and various steps that follow require etta to send you an email and you respond to that email.
Your very important ETTA Menbership Number will be sent to you by this method, so get it right! When you get in to sign up, make sure you have your credit/debit card handy and make your payment as soon as you are happy you are being charged the correct amount.
Don't enter all your details first, thinking you will pay later - go for payment straight away and provide details as necessary.
Once you have your ETTA Membership Number, you can legally play in any of your nominated leagues and you will be insured in all of them - just pass on your number to whoever in your league needs it (possibly just your club secretary).