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16 October 2019Div 2 Forum F v Bicester B
16 October 2019Div 3 Forum H v Bicester D
21 October 2019Div 1 RAL A v Bicester A
24 October 2019Div 3 Holton B v Bicester C

Bicester Table Tennis Club

Chesterton Community Centre
2 Geminus Road
OX26 1BJ

Teams for 2011-2012
9/5/2011 4:
This year we will be fielding five sides. This means that Thursday night will be used as a match night when the D team have a home fixture.

The teams for the coming season will be as follows or something similar :-

Bicester A Div 1 Anthony Gorman,
Jeff Rigby, Jason Tustain, Chris Hawkes, Jon Abungan
Bicester B Div 2 Peter Hargreaves,
Lewis Sumner, Rob Guanga
Bicester C Div 3 Mike Jobling,
Joe Marrs, Tom Marrs, Jack Shardlow, Michael Harrison
Bicester D Div 3 Andy Crofts,
Rob Moore, Geoff Loder, Dave Badham, plus one other
Bicester E Div 4 Stan Harding,
Peter James, plus some juniors