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Thursday Practice nights
10/5/2011 1
Hi All

With the TT season about to start, it will have an impact on the Thursday coaching sessions as we have now 5 teams in the Oxford league, which means the "D"Team has its home night on alternate Thursdays and so the hall will not be available for coaching on these evenings.

Here are the Thursday dates that coaching will take place up until Christmas :- 29/9, 6/10. 20/10, 3/11, 10/11, 24/11, 1/12, 15/12, so please make a note on your calender.

There hopefully will be an opertunity for juniors of a reasonable standard to play in the Development league which is played at Forum club on a Thursday evening and starts in November and will take place on the evenings when there is no coaching at our club.

Bicester D home League Fixtures

Note there may be additional Handicap matches to be added

Thu 13/10/2011 Bicester D v Forum H
Thu 27/10/2011 Bicester D v Witney
Thu 17/11/2011 Bicester D v Forum I
Thu 08/12/2011 Bicester D v Vikings F
Thu 05/01/2012 Bicester D v Forum F
Thu 19/01/2012 Bicester D v Bicester C
Thu 09/02/2012 Bicester D v Forum G
Thu 01/03/2012 Bicester D v Glads B