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Half season report from our Chairman
12/1/2011 1
Tony Gorman, Chairman of the Bicester and District Table Tennis club sums up the season so far.

Hi All,

Just back from my summer holiday in the Gran Canaria and realized that it is Xmas, and also that we are approaching the half way stage of the Oxford League TT season.

I have just checked out the latest tables and despite quite a few team selection issues so far this year our teams are showing really well in the top three divisions. Our A team is currently lying third in Div 1, a win last night cementing that position. In fact our only loss was when we showed up with two players against Holton A. We will continue to fight to the bitter end but I donÔÇÖt see us, or anyone else in Div 1, catching the top two teams so our battle this season is going to be with Forum A and RAL for third. A battle we will win!

The Div 2 team so far this season has had major team selection issues and is currently being support by subs from our Div 3 teams. Nevertheless, Jon and Lewis have been doing a fantastic job and the team is currently sitting 4th, I still think they are capable of getting second in this Division, maybe first if they can get a regular third player. Keep going guys, would be good if you could join us in Div 1 next year.

Div 3 is really interesting this year with both teams doing really well, currently sitting 2nd and 3rd. I think inter club rivalry and some really strong players in both teams is really playing a part here. Dave Badham is sitting top of the averages and we also have three other Bicester players in the top 10, Jack, Tom and Andy. Keep this going guys I think a 1st and 2nd really is on the cards.

Div 4, not the results to match the other divisions but then this team is a breeding ground for new talent and Luke and Tom are proving they have plenty getting some good wins under their belts in the their first season. Naturally they are learning from the old master himself, Stan.

We also have four of our teams through to the second round of the handicap shield. We are defending champions and really hate to lose so donÔÇÖt be surprised if we hang on to this trophy.

So I know I donÔÇÖt need to give you all a pep talk to get you motivated to keep these results going, but so far things are looking bright for Bicester and if the Div 2 and 3 teams can keep the results going then I really can see some silverware coming BicesterÔÇÖs way this season. So come on guys, keep practicing, keep coming down the club on Thursday and training and most of all, keep winning.

I donÔÇÖt have everyones email address so if anyone wants to forward this to anyone not covered in this distribution list then please feel free to do so.

Merry Xmas