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Bicester A reach Handicap Shield Final
4/3/2012 4:
Bicester A have won through to the final of the Handicap Shield 2011-2012

Here is a brief report on how their semi final was played out.

Bicester A had to make up 45 points on Forum B who we usually draw with, as we thought this handicap was a bit steep we brought Jeff in to the team and rested Chris in prep for the final.

So Tony got proceedings underway taking 1 point from his match against Fraser Harris (HS ÔÇô 44)
Jason backed him up well taking one point from his match against Andrew Flint (HS ÔÇô 43)
Jeff decided to take things up a notch and took 14 points from his game against Jeremy Flint (HS ÔÇô 29)
Tony then went and lost 21-13 to Andrew before recovering to take the second game 21-12, making up 1 point (HS ÔÇô 28)
Jeff then continued his mission to pull back the whole handicap by himself taking 21 points off Fraser (HS - 7)
Jason then got in on the action and took 8 points of Jeremy (HS - -1, yep we were 1 point ahead after game 6.
With Jeff to come Tony was expecting to go into a big lead but Andrew dug in well and took 8 points off Jeff (HS ÔÇô 7)
We then had a short interlude when Aubrey came in and told us we had to be out of the hall by 10:45 because he had to lock up and go home. Despite our protests we had to play the next two singles on two tables. This was the worst thing he could have done.
Tony then hammered Jeremy picking up 19 points and Jason hammered Fraser picking up 14 points. This left us 26 points ahead with the doubles to play. Jeff and Tony saw this out winning the match by 31 points.

So if anyone is interested we will be contesting the final on Thursday the 19th of April against Vikings G.