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City Junior Tournament (from John Birkin)
2/21/2013 1
Dear Junior Players, Parents and Club Officials,

Please find attached (see link at bottom) an entry form for the City Junior Tournament, to be held a fortnight on Sunday.

We have reduced the entry fees and are hoping to get a better entry than last year.

Please pass the word around, distribute the forms and do whatever you can to encourage players to take part.

This is an O&DTTA event, so they need to be members of a club (e.g. Kidlington Forum or Bicester), which is in the O&DTTA.

To encourage players of all standards to take part, we have a Graded Singles for anyone who has not played in a senior league and does not have an ETTA Rating: this excludes all league and Open tournament players, but most of those who play in the Development League or attend Intermediate coaching could enter.

There is also a Handicap doubles, in which every effort is made to give weaker players a fair chance. If you do not have a partner, just put "partner required" and we will find one for you.

Enter as many events as you are allowed to! It's much better to be playing, even in a higher age group against older players, than to be sitting down waiting for your event to begin.

We will also run an Instant One-Point Knockout.

Entries should be sent in with the fees to Janet Brown, but I will attend the next two sessions of Tuesday coaching and the Development League to distribute and collect forms and fees myself.

Best wishes,

John Birkin (City Team Manager/ODTTA Chairman)

Entry Form (Revised)