Bicester Table Tennis Club

Chesterton Community Centre
2 Geminus Road
OX26 1BJ

Teams for 2013-14
10/7/2013 1
Everyone who is playing should by now know which team they are in but for those interested in the other teams at the club the line-ups are below.

There are some registrations outstanding so there may be some additions to these.

|A| Tony Gorman (Capt.)
 Jason Tustain
 Jon Bayliss
 Jeff Rigby
|B| Chris Hawkes (Capt.)
 Tim Cheek
 Jon Abungan
 Barry Hook
 Dave Ralls
Sanga Quamina
|C| Luke Jobling (Mike Jobling (Capt.))
 Paul Reynolds
 Pete Hargreaves
 Jamie Felton
|D| Andy Crofts (Capt.)
 David Badham
 Geoff Loder
 Graham Butcher
 Vic Davies
|E| StanHarding (Capt.)
 Mike Jobling
 Robert Guanga
 Toby Wong
|F| Terry Goddard (Capt.)
 Tom Brennan
 Cathy Fogg
 Harrison Maldonado
 Louise Felton
 John Chalcraft
 Shunko Cook
|G| 2AS Terry Goddard (Mike Jobling (Capt.))
 Shunko Cook

|H| 2AS Louise Felton (Mike Jobling (Capt.))
 Cathy Fogg
 Harrison Maldonado