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Aubrey Hughes' funeral arrangements - Change of reception venue
1/1/2014 10
Please note that there has been a change in the location of the reception after the funeral. It will now take place in Exeter Hall, which is the large building of Kidlington Parish Council, located on the other side of the tennis courts from the Pavilion, and which fronts onto the main road through Kidlington. You can use the car park off the main road.

Dear ODTTA players and officials,

Here are the arrangements for Aubrey's funeral, which are also posted on all out local web-sites:

Funeral Service 1.30pm. Monday 13th January 2014 at the Oxfordshire Crematorium
, Bayswater Road, Headington, Oxfordshire OX3 9RZ.
The crematorium is actually in Barton and close to the Green Road roundabout. There is good local signage.
Afterwards all family and friends are invited to a reception at the Kidlington Table Tennis Club, Exeter Close Pavilion, Crown Road, Kidlington, Oxfordshire OX5 1AG.

See website for details of club and location.

Best wishes,

John Birkin (Chairman)