Bicester Table Tennis Club

Chesterton Community Centre
2 Geminus Road
OX26 1BJ

Bicester 'E' 3 v Bicester 'D' 7
2/21/2014 1
Well beaten with a surprise!

Due to last minute cancellation we were only able to field two players! And one of those was borrowed from our 4th division team.

Bicester 'E' Stan Harding and Shunko Cook hosted Bicester 'D' Vic Davies,Dave Badham and Andy Crofts.

Here's how it went:

We played out of order since Shunko was also playing a 4th div match at the same time!

Stan beat Vic in 4
E 1 D 0

Shunko beat Dave in 5
E 2 D 0

Stan lost to Andy in 3
E 2 D 1

Andy beat Shunko in 4
E 2 D 2

Stan lost to Dave in 3
E 2 D 3

Shunko beat Vic in 5
E 3 D 3

Then 3 games forfeited
E 3 D 6

In the doubles
Shunko and Stan lost
to Dave and Andy in 3
E 3 D 7

The star of the evening was Shunko who won two of her matches in a higher division!

Thanks go to Louise Felton for stepping in to give a full evenings games. She gave a good account of herself against players two divisions higher.