Bicester Table Tennis Club

Chesterton Community Centre
2 Geminus Road
OX26 1BJ

Season 06/07 News
8/29/2006 1
Season to start Monday October 2nd 2006. Full schedule to be shown here in a few days. Handbooks scheduled for 2nd half of September. This season follows the same pattern as last season. There will be 4 main divisions all using an 8-team grid, and a development competition, using a 10-team grid. Below is the current state of play. Note that teams are only listed in alphabetical order. The last stage now is to assign to each team its grid number. This will happen over the next few days and it is crucial that the details are correct, so if you spot an error please send an email to Division 1: Bicester A Pete Hargreaves Mon Forum A Karl Bushell Wed Cowley Cons Forum B Andrew Flint Tue Cowley Cons Morris Motors A Nigel Taylor Mon Morris Motors B Tony Wheeler Thu RAL Rutherford Alf Davies Mon St James A Brian Hamilton Wed Cowley Cons Vikings A Julian Lawton Smith Thu Division 2: Begbroke A Ian Gordon Wed Forum C John Duncalfe Mon Cowley Cons Forum D Don Harris Tue Cowley Cons Forum E Paul Woodward Mon Tackley Gladiators Alan Ayers Thu Haddenham A Simon Witney Thu Vikings B Anne Borrowdale Mon Vikings C Mike Aistrop Mon Division 3: Begbroke B James Hopkins Wed Bicester B Wendy Chapple Mon Bicester C Andy Crofts Mon Forum F Paul Whitford Mon Tackley Haddenham B Roger Mott Thu Morris Motors C Justin Roake Mon Witney A John Alsworth Thu Witney B Keith Stone Thu Division 4: Forum G Aubrey Hughes Mon Tackley Forum H Brian Sandison Mon Tackley Forum I Brian Rowles Mon Exeter Hall Holton hopefully Brian Dobson Thu Morris Motors D John Joyce Thu Morris Motors E Dave Kay Wed St James B Bob Ford Mon Cowley Cons Vikings D Graham Mifflin Wed Development Competition: Bicester D James Moore Mon Forum J David Simmons Thu Exeter Hall Forum K Linda Morris Wed Exeter Hall Forum L Trevor May Wed Exeter Hall Forum M Joel McCluski Tue Exeter Hall Forum N Aubrey Hughes Tue Exeter Hall Forum O Aubrey Hughes Tue Forum Forum P Aubrey Hughes Tue Forum Forum R Aubrey Hughes Thu Exeter Hall St James C Avril Haynes Thu