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2006/2007 Review
5/4/2007 12

2006/2007 Review

On the face of it, this looks a fairly middling season for Bicester.

Teams A and C finished fourth in Div 1 and 3 respectively and B and D fifth in Div 3 and Development.

However there have been a few high spots of which to be proud.

Steve Laird won the divisional knockout for division three and Joe Marrs was the top player in the development league.

Also there were the near misses :-

  • Andy Crofts - runner-up in the divisional knockout for division three
  • Joe Marrs - semifinalist in the divisional knockout for the development league
  • Bicester B - semifinalists in the Handicap Shield
  • Nick Lacey - second in the leading players list for Div 3, with Andy Crofts third.

Also worthy of note is the superb performance by Steve and Nick in the C team to not only avoid relegation but to finish mid table having played the second half of the season as pretty much a two man team. Steve and Nick managed to carve out some great results.

I am sure they are also grateful to the contributions from the substitutes, Joe Marrs and Rob and James Moore. All three have progressed immensely this season.

Rob and James have also been representing a division topping team in the Banbury league (Bodicote E).