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Chesterton Community Centre
2 Geminus Road
OX26 1BJ

Proposed rule change - please read
1/19/2015 4
You may already have received this email from John Duncalfe regarding a proposed change to the postponements rules. Please read this and give any feedback to John or to me.


Hi All,

At the Committee this past week the vexed question of postponements was discussed. It was proposed that there be a new rule which would not allow postponements unless premises were unavailable or the weather was so bad that travel was not advisable.

Any proposed rule change has to go to the AGM. However, we would like to get your comments on this proposal beforehand. The current rule is no. 14 in your handbook.

Please send your comments to me at or discuss it with any member of the Committee.

In addition, please note that Cowley Table Tennis have three adult coaching sessions on 28th/29th January see for details.

John Duncalfe,

Acting Chairman,