Bicester Table Tennis Club

Chesterton Community Centre
2 Geminus Road
OX26 1BJ

Proposed Teams for 2017/18
7/22/2017 1
Proposed teams for the coming season. Registration of teams is due Mon 7th August so if anyone has any issues please contact one of the committee asap

Bicester ADivision 1
Home nightThursday 1
Tony Gorman (c)
Michael Harrison
Jon Abungan
Dave Ralls
Jason Tustain
Bicester BDivision 2
Home nightThursday 2
Andy Crofts (c)
Toby Wong
Jamie Felton
Graham Butcher
Mike Jobling
Bicester CDivision 3
Home nightMonday
Vic Davies (c)
Stan Harding
Cathy Fogg
Craig Burgess
John Chalcraft
Geoff Loder
Bicester DDivision 3
Home nightThursday 2
Terry Goddard (c)
Wendy Chapple
Thomas Brennan
Jose Munoz
Simon White
Julia Cleaton
Bicester EDivision 3
Home nightMonday2
Martin Taylor (c)
Mark Bevan
Brad Bevan
Bicester FDivision 2-A-S
Home nightThursday 1
Paul Davis (c)
Ed Davis
Miles Davis