Bicester Table Tennis Club

Chesterton Community Centre
2 Geminus Road
OX26 1BJ

Teams for 2007/08
7/16/2007 1
A brief meeting was held on Thursday 12th.

It was agreed to install additional lighting at the stage end of the hall similar
to that installed last year at the entrance end.

Pete will be organinsing all aspects of this. Thank you Pete.

Secondly, team line-ups for the coming season were proposed. These were :-

Bicester A - Division 1

Tony Gorman
Pete Hargreaves
Sohail Caratella

Bicester B - Division 3

Andy Crofts
Geoff Loder
Nick Lacey

Bicester C - Division 3

Rob Moore
Dave Bignell
Joe Marrs
James Moore

Additional possible subs

Steve Laird
Wendy Chappell

Please note these teams maybe subject to change.

As per Mike's email the teams are planned to be as below.

Div 1 A side Anthony Gorman,Yogi,Pete Hargreaves,& Mark Penn as a possible sub

Div 3 B side Andy Crofts,Nick Lacy,Geoff Loder,& Steve Laird as sub.

Div 3 C side Capt.Rob Moore, James Moore,Dave Rigby(sic should be Bignell) & Joe Mars.