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Yogi writes - "Table Tennis the Hard Way"
3/27/2008 1
When I first got into Table Tennis many moons ago, I was but a mere whippersnapper and the
"in" thing was to have a bat with anything like Mark 5 as that was the "in" thing with which the
"big" boys were beating everybody!!. I soon discovered as new rubbers came out and different
advances in blade and glue technology that I could, in some part, trade with the best.

However, in those formative years, I had two fears when I was going in to battle to play matches:-

1. No sexist comment intended, I feared playing against ladies/women/girls; call them what you want, I just could not play full pelt against them and, as a result, some of the time I tended to lose and it used to get to me (badly I might add) and took me a long time to get around to the fact that every player on the other side of the table needs to be treated with the same respect, regardless of who they are , what they look like/play like etc. Once I got over that psychological hurdle, I was okay!

2. Equally as bad if not more so , was the HARD BAT player, usually a wily old fox with a Barna bat the size of a saucepan (I