Bicester Table Tennis Club

Chesterton Community Centre
2 Geminus Road
OX26 1BJ

Teams for 2008-2009
7/25/2008 1
The teams have now been finalised for the coming season as they have to be entered shortly.

I am glad to say we are able to field four teams this year with representation in three of the four divisions.

The teams are as follows :-

Team A - Division 1

Tony Gorman
Jeff Rigby
Pete Hargreaves
Andy Lebutt
Sohail Caratella

Team B - Division 3

Steve Laird
Nick Lacey
Joe Marrs

Team C - Division 3

Andy Crofts
Geoff Loder
Dave Bignell

Team D - Division 4

Stan Harding
James Moore
Tom Marrs

There will be other players registered to fill in where needed.