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Email from the Chairman
8/27/2008 1
Tony has emailed all those members whose email addresses are on our records.

For those who did not receive it the content is below.

If we don't have your correct email address please let us know so we can update our records.

Hi BADTTC Members,

As some of you might already be aware we, BADTTC, have been contacted over the last week or so by John Birkin, the Oxford Table Tennis League Fixtures Secretary. The Oxford League has 3 new teams this year which, albeit is a good sign, is a headache when trying to arrange the fixtures.
John was faced with putting together a new league format, 1 consisting of 4 divisions (8/8/9/9) or 1 consisting of 3 divisions (11/12/11). Anyway, John asked for our opinion and sent us over the proposed league formations with the teams assigned to each division. It was a good thing that he did because this actually brought our attention to the fact that the league had placed our B and C teams into different divisions, B in Div 3 and C in Div 4.
We naturally pushed back on this and told John that these teams had been strengthened since last year and that neither team would face much of a challenge in Div 4. What this also did was bring up a debate on which team should actually be the B and which team C, something that probably wasn't really considered at our AGM. The percentages were taken into account and in the end we agreed that Andy's team should be the B team.
Anyway we still wanted both teams in Div 3 and made this clear to John. John then came back a couple of days later with the revised format and team placings, see below:

Div 1 - A Team - Tony Gorman, Jeff Rigby, Arun Jogi, Peter Hargreaves

Div 2 - B Team - Andy Crofts, Dave Bignell, Geoff Loder

Div 3 - C Team - Nick Lacy, Steve Laird, Joe Marrs

Div 4 - D Team - Stan Harding, James Moore, Tom Marrs John Chalcraft

So the B team are now in Div 2 and the C team in Div 3, a better result than any of us expected.

John Chalcraft, we have assigned you to the Div 4 team initially so that you can support this team, if needed, before moving up to play in Div 2 / 3. I think it is great that we have a team in Div 2 and I'm sure players in Div 3 will get the opportunity to play for this team. It is very important that the Div 2 team does well so that we keep a team I each division, this gives us the opportunity to progress improving players though the divisions up to Div 1.

On a more general note, it would be good to see our teams fighting more for promotion this year than relegation. So let's get more people down the club training and practicing.

Rob, I'm sorry things haven't worked out as you would have liked this year but you are more than welcome to sign up for the D team. I think again here we have a real chance of fighting for promotion which would be almost guaranteed with your support.

Let me know if anyone has any issues or questions.


Anthony Gorman