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New League format
10/4/2019 1

This year the league competion is a bit different to previous years. See below for details.

Main 3AS competition

The main 3AS competition will start on Monday 30th September, and scheduled matches will finish in the week beginning 10th February. There will then be one week spare (starting 17th February) for any postponed matches to be played. No postponements are allowed beyond 21st February, as the final league positions determine who plays in the playoffs (see below).


The playoffs were agreed at the AGM, and will have their own trophies with the top Div1 trophy being donated by the President Avril Haynes.

Weeks commencing 24th February and 2nd March will be for the Playoff competition, where the top eight teams in each division will form two groups, and play each other using an ad/bc and eh/fg format. The winners will then play the following week, to decide the top group winners and the bottom group winners. Note that the last two teams in divisions 2 and 3 will have two free weeks (unless they organise a friendly). We will provide further information on the Playoffs later.

After the Playoffs

Once the league competition and playoffs have been finished, there will then be 3 weeks for the Handicap Group Stage, being the weeks beginning 9th March, 16th March and 23rd March.

The week beginning 30th March will see the Handicap Quarter Final and also the First week of the Divisionals Championship

The following week beginning 6th April will see the Handicap Semi-Final, and also the Second week of the Divisionals Championship.

The Handicap final then will be the following week (most likely Thursday the 16th April at Gladiators, tbc). 

Please note Easter Sunday falls on 12th April.